About Me

I am a german professional dancer/performer, I grew up in India, Burkina Faso, Germany and currently live in the Netherlands.
All those experiences are precious to me and formed my personality. All those memories and experiences that I collected through my youth until now are and will remain essential for approaching my life, my profession, my community, and my environment.

Dancing was the first language I understood and spoke. This form of communication always brought me closer to people and my community.
I strongly believe that body and emotions bring us together and believe that curiosity for new things, an open and tolerant mind, and hard work is key for success. Me in a few words: ambitious, versatile, flexible, cooperative, artistic and social.

I gained a lot of experiences in performing on stages with diverse Choreographers/Makers but also choreographed and created myself.

Currently, next to being a performer – I am learning diverse Thai Massages techniques, in order to become a massage therapist aiming to accompany dancers/ highly active performers in need of important time off, plus to reconnect with the body and mind in order to create a sustainable and healthy career.
Regaining vital energy and getting back in touch with the body is not luxury but necessity.